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Corporate Compliance Services

In India there are more than 500 laws applicable to various business types of which about 70 standard laws are applicable to all business types. These laws are combination of local laws, state laws, central acts, regulatory compliances, guidelines, notifications, circulars etc. These corporate laws can be categorising as:

  • Company Laws
  • Tax Laws – Direct Tax or Indirect Tax
  • FDI Laws
  • Manufacturing Laws
  • Licensing Laws
  • Land Laws
  • Employment or Labour Laws
  • Banking Laws
  • Audit Laws
  • Regulatory Compliances
  • IPR Laws

Each business house must evolve to understand which laws are applicable to their business and to prepare compliance calendar covering:

  • One-time compliance
  • Event Based Compliances
  • Periodical compliances like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Annual

Once calendar is in place roles and responsibilities to be set-up of in-house team and external professionals, agencies, consultants for timely compliance and avoid undue action by Govt or penalised for non-compliances.

Why Choose JSP Associates for Corporate Compliance Services?

We at JSP Associates provides our experienced services to provide you list of applicable laws as well as Compliance Calendar. We also provide enterprise compliance management services on annual contract bases under outsourcing model.